Children’s Christmas Tree Fund still open for donors

Published 5:34 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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NATCHEZ — For nearly 120 years, the Natchez Children’s Christmas Tree Fund has provided a way for the community to help make a magical holiday for hundreds of needy children each year.

The fund began with Capt. James Lambert in 1903, who was owner of The Natchez Democrat. Soon, the community began to support the effort with donations and businessmen formed the Santa Claus Committee to provide financial support and – most important – to help lead Santa Claus on his Christmas Eve parade through Natchez and to the distribution site.

Remarkably, the program remains funded entirely by the generosity of the community and the Santa Claus Committee members.

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Donations can be brought or mailed to The Natchez Democrat, 503 N. Canal St., Natchez, MS 39120 or can be made using a credit or debit card by going to and clicking the link.

Here are donors thus far to the 2022 Natchez Children’s Christmas Tree Fund.


Benny Campbell, in memory of Lola Campbell

Betty White, in memory of Edward and Margie Barrett

Carol Anne Blitzer, in memory of Marty Nathanson, Frances Kling Nathanson and Beatrice Lopoo Nathanson

Charlotte and Johnny Byrne

Christina Fay Zuccaro, in memory of Bennett Michael Jeansonne Jr.

Jimmi Vasser, Curtis and Ava, in memory of Phil Vasser, Santa 1981

Johnny Thornton, in memory of Curtis and Ruby Cowart

Johnny Thornton, in memory of Bennie and Merle Thornton

Katie and Cliff McCarstle

Kay and Ron Jinkins

Taylor Christmas Fund, in honor of Argent Trust, 500 East Reynolds Drive, Ruston, LA

Women of Trinity Episcopal Church

Work Force Consultants

The Eidt Family, in memory of Arthur Eidt

Carolyn Krueger, in memory of Rudy, Santa 1997

Donna and Kevin Smith

Wayne Potter

Jimmy Smith

Henry and Patrick Burns

Mary and Ed Eidt

Amy Smith, in memory of Janie Branch and in honor of Michael, Gabe, Emma, Tyler, Ryan and Emily Clarie

George Ann and Phil Hale

Ms. Judy Stahlman, in memory of Cappy Stahlman

Reed, Caroline, Jack and Lucy, in memory of Jack Benoist

Cora and Charles Wright, in memory of Patsy Weeks and Evelyn Davis

Erin and Macky Myers, in honor of Arthur’s Tires

Missy and Walter Brown

Ruth Coy

William Feltus

Karen Blain

Kim Allen

Wes and Tommy Pack, Merry Christmas

Judy and Jim Wiggins, Bless the Children

Charlotte Sanguinetti

Richie Walcot

Pokey O’Beirne

Teresa Burns

Noreen Pyron

Andrew Ketchings

Cade Cloy

Stacy Graning

Merit Health Natchez, in honor of our medical staff

Priscilla and Johnny Dale

Deborah Moffett

Tony and Annette Byrne, in memory of Sen. Bob M. Dearing

Jim and Mary Lessley, in memory of Phil Vasser and Cappy Stahlman

Jan Griffey, in memory of Jim Griffey

Jan Griffey, in memory of Lorna Case