Ferriday considering annexation of properties

Published 1:24 pm Thursday, January 12, 2023

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FERRIDAY, La. —The Town of Ferriday is considering whether or not to expand its city limits near Ridgecrest.

Town of Ferriday attorney Philip Letard asked the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to form a committee to consider annexing properties around Ferriday during a Tuesday meeting.

This committee would help the board decide whether or not to annex and where to annex.

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“I’m not able to make decisions. That’s not my job. I would like the board to form a committee to help me with this annexation,” Letard said. “We’ve got pieces of land that we would like to annex. I want the board to help me make the decision of what to offer to the board in general regarding what parts we want to annex, how much it’s going to cost and do we really want to do this.”

Ritchie Montgomery, an actor with 182 film credits to his name, lives in Natchez but he and his family own property between Ferriday and Ridgecrest on Maple Bend Circle east of the new Trinity Medical Center.

Montgomery spoke to the board Tuesday and said he would like for the town to annex his family’s land.

“I think all of us would enjoy the annexation of our properties there to help with utilities and taxes,” Montgomery said.

Letard added, “We know that we’re going to get people who are against this. There’s going to be people with extensive property and they’re not going to want to pay taxes and not going to want to be a part of our city, but Ritchie’s people want to be. They look forward to the opportunity. They’re adjacent to Ridgecrest and we don’t want them to be a part of Ridgecrest. We want them to be a part of Ferriday. There are people out there who do want this and look forward to being a part of our community if we can figure out how to do this and how we can afford to do it.”