Visit Natchez unveils new branding, website

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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NATCHEZ — Log on to and you’ll find a completely new look and user interface to accompany the new Visit Natchez brand.

Colors of dark teal and Sahara brown showcase Natchez’s “tradition of showing visitors warmth and hospitality” in a city with historical significance, Executive Director Devin Health said.

“It’s what I first experienced when I came here,” he added, recalling when he was named the new director two years ago.

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The brand was unveiled Monday afternoon at the Natchez Grand Hotel to a packed room of business owners, officials and residents.

Creating the new brand started with input from everyone from residents and visitors to non-visitors who’ve never been to the city before, Heath said. Data has been collected that shows what those visitors like to do while they’re here or would like to do and how long their stay usually lasts.

This study of how visitors interact with Natchez continues as Visit Natchez adapts to market the city, but Heath said the goal of the branding and its messaging is to create a constant impression on the world that will last for years to come.

Visit Natchez worked with the Stamp Idea Group, an advertising agency headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, to create the brand ad with Madden Media to recreate the Visit Natchez website.

The new logo tells the Natchez story. The first word “visit,” written in a modern, curvy font showcases Natchez’s progression, warmth and unity while the word Natchez has a more classical font signifying the rich history with a specially created letter “N” that purposely has a river-like curve flowing between two pillars, Heath said.

“It’s not your standard script. Those curves are there to help demonstrate the flow of the Mississippi River. … Those pillars are to signify our distinct past and our progressive opportunities in the future and how the City of Natchez is flowing between.”

Heath said the new brand demonstrates a list of characteristics without seeming too busy.

“It has a little bit of everything in it. We wanted to keep the brand simple,” he said. “We didn’t want a brand that was going to be too complicated. Through the craftsmanship of this brand, through the color scheme and through the fonts, you’ll see a lot of nuances throughout the brand.”

The new tagline, “Experience Elevated” also conveys a specific Natchez message.

“When you come to Natchez, you’re going to have an elevated experience, not just if you’re lucky enough to get up in one of our hot air balloons but also by our bluff being 200 feet above the Mississippi River, our wonderful architecture and statuesque historic homes, and most importantly the elevated sense of hospitality and warmth and friendliness that you’re going to get when you come to Natchez.”

Website users will also notice a lot more animation as they navigate the page, with large images that pop out when they hover over them with the curser. When they first reach the homepage, they are greeted by a Visit Natchez promotional video playing on a loop that shows some of the Natchez highlights, such as the river views, dining, recreational opportunities, filmmaking, music, shopping and tours.

However, it’s not quite finished, Heath said. Over the next four months, users should notice new features as the website continues to update with additional improvements. The Visit Natchez office at 500 Main Street, Suite 1, will also receive new paint and decorations to match the new brand. There, residents and tourists will be able to pick up merchandise that features the brand, such as window decals and luggage tags.

Businesses and nonprofit organizations will be able to fill out special licensing agreements to use the brand while protecting its message, Heath said.

“It’s time to reintroduce our wonderful city not just to the South, but to the world,” Heath said. “We’re a destination with more than 1,300 years of history and a future as brilliant as our sunsets; a destination that’s integral to American music; a destination that can not only tell you amazing stories of men and women who built this city, who fought for our freedom, who fought for civil rights and who revolutionized tourism during an economic crisis; we’re a destination that can take you inside to show you amazing architecture and craftsmanship but also take you outside and see wonderful manmade beauties and natural wonders. We’re a destination that can not only show you the byways of how this country was built but will also lead you on paths to explore modern culture and future enlightenment.”