Legislation Update: Majority of wildlife bills die in senate

Published 12:21 pm Thursday, February 2, 2023

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JACKSON — Mississippi’s Senate Committee on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks saw seven bills die so far this legislative session. Senate Bill 2158 would have required hunters to tag tree stands with name and address but died as did Senate Bill 2411 which would have clarified rules on hunting from streets and railroads and SB2535 would have turned the MDWFP Commission into an advisory commission. 

SB2536 would have clarified the prohibition on the transactions with game animals, SB2540 would have affirmed the state’s duty to protect wildlife and SB2557 and SB2558 would have added some updates to the Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund act. 

House Bills 998 and 1026 do the same thing as SB2536 and SB2540 and have survived their committee but await passage out of the house. 

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There were a handful of bills who made it out of the senate committee. Senate Bill 2526 would authorize municipalities to join the Pat Harrison Waterway District. Senate Bill 2543 would bring forward code sections for amendment in dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease and SB2556 clarifies qualifications for becoming a conservation officer. 

One bill is not dead yet, Senate Bill 2534 would bring forward more regulations on fishing guides and outfitters in Mississippi. It awaits its fate in the Senate. Likewise, House Bill 517 will update regulations on fishing guides in Mississippi and was passed by the house and transmitted to the senate.