Don’t be fooled by fair weather days

Published 1:32 pm Monday, February 27, 2023

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In recent days, we have enjoyed blue skies and easy temperatures around the 70s and 80s with more warm weather just ahead, but don’t be fooled.

Winter is not fully gone and with the coming of spring, the weather has been known to be tricky. The only weather phenomenon that can be expected in the coming weeks and months is the unexpected.

While the weather for us is warmer now, blizzard warnings are expected this weekend in typically sunny Los Angeles, California, while northern states are experiencing freezing rain and winter storms, widespread power loss and treacherous road conditions.

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Let’s not forget that just two years ago at this exact time of year, Mississippi also experienced historic winter weather, the effects of which lingered on for months afterward.

Storms at this time of year are like wild cards. We can brace ourselves for a nonevent to play it safe, or we can shrug off the warnings to find ourselves in the midst of powerful storms that produce damaging wind, hail and perhaps a tornado.

March, April and May are the state’s peak months for tornadoes.

Enjoy the sun and the azaleas now. However, when the next alarm sounds, please don’t take it too lightly and risk being a victim of mother nature.

Make sure you have a working weather radio and access to the news, charging packs for cell phones or a generator in case of a prolonged power outage. Always stay fully stocked on non-perishables like canned goods and bottled water and pet food. Keep gas in your car.

Make sure your yard furniture is tied down firmly in place, just in case you don’t have time when the wind suddenly changes. While it’s not good to live in fear, it’s never a bad thing to be prepared so you don’t have to be fearful.