So many great events this weekend – our Natchez spirit is shining

Published 4:55 pm Friday, March 17, 2023

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This weekend, there are so many great events happening that it is impossible to count – I know I am leaving some out.

We have two amazing concerts at the City Auditorium, Michael Jackson one night and Prince the next. Local businessman and philanthropist Tom Graning leads the Krewe of Killarney’s 32nd Saint Paddy’s Parade as Saint Patrick himself. Natchez Parks and Recreation sponsors the Mothers-Sons Dance at the Natchez Civic Center. Natchez Spring Pilgrimages continue with an amazing lineup of historic homes.

The Natchez Farmers Market sets up on Broadway in front of the Natchez Grand. The Bluff City hosts Rotary Club President-Elects from all over Mississippi and Louisiana. Natchez First Presbyterian Church devotes its Sunday service to honoring first responders in the Miss Lou.

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“Pretty Girls with Brains” convenes in the Natchez Convention Center Sunday evening to honor local women during Women’s Awareness Month. And the event that touches my heart most: the entire city it seems rolls out a spectacular Saturday event to raise funds and prayers for three-year-old Watson Calhoun on the Northern Bluff at Smoot’s. This beautiful boy is currently fighting brain cancer at St. Jude’s, and the entire Miss-Lou community has rallied around him and his family.

There is a common thread to all of these events: They showcase all that is great about Natchez, and yes – Our Natchez Spirit is Shining.

The concerts at the City Auditorium showcase the fun-loving spirit in our community, and the desire of so many to gather not only for a good time but to share unity with one another in a way that highlights our diversity and our genuine Natchez spirit for fun.

The Krewe of Killarney has raised thousands upon thousands for scholarships for youth in our community over a span of three decades, highlighting our genuine Natchez spirit for philanthropy.

Our newly formed Department of Parks and Recreation is sponsoring so many family events — hard to keep up with them — highlighting our genuine Natchez spirit of community.

Our Natchez Spring Pilgrimages (two not just one this year) highlight our genuine Natchez spirit of historic preservation.

Our Natchez Farmers Market, now a weekly event, highlights our genuine Natchez spirit of resourcefulness, crafts and agriculture.

The Rotary Club President-Elect Seminar brings people from all over the region to Natchez, highlighting our genuine Natchez spirit of hospitality.

As Natchez First Presbyterian Church honors our first responders, these parishioners highlight our genuine Natchez spirit of patriotism.

As “Pretty Girls with Brains” holds their black-tie celebration for women Sunday evening, they highlight our Natchez spirit of community service.

And as we all gather together in support of Watson Calhoun along our northern bluff, we as a community genuinely highlight our Natchez spirit of faith, compassion, and love.

We are truly blessed to live in this beautiful City on the Highest Bluff. The word “genuine” has not been repeated in this column by accident – because “genuine” is what defines and sets apart our Natchez Spirit. It is real. May God continue to shine His favor on the many great people doing so many great things in our community. Because Natchez Deserves More.


Dan M. Gibson is mayor of Natchez.