75th anniversary of Israeli Independence commemorated by lighting of Natchez City Hall and Council Chambers

Published 11:14 am Friday, April 21, 2023

NATCHEZ — During April, the modern State of Israel will celebrate its 75th Independence Day, as well as 75 years of United States and Israel partnership.

This occasion will be marked with the illumination of Natchez City Hall and the City of Natchez Council Chambers on Pearl Street with blue and white lights representing the flag of Israel in honor of this auspicious occasion.

Natchez was recommended for the honor by Ginger Williamson, who is a member the staff of Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson, who is in charge of the effort in Mississippi, said Natchez Mayor Dan M. Gibson.

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The City of Natchez is home to the Temple B’nai Israel, the oldest Jewish congregation in the state of Mississippi, founded in 1843, located at 213 S. Commerce St.

In 1872, the congregation dedicated its first temple on the current site — an occasion of great celebration as “Jews and Gentiles filled the temple beyond its capacity and great crowds stood upon the sidewalks and street.”

It is the mission of the Consulate General of Israel to have representatives from all 50 states that will showcase this celebration of light in their communities in celebration and support of Israel and US-Israel relations as well as cities from all over the world.

“We greatly appreciate the Mayor and City of Natchez, Mississippi, for their friendship and support of Israel, as we celebrate our 75th Independence Day. As we celebrate this momentous milestone, we also celebrate 75 years of robust relations between Israel and the United States. By lighting up City Hall with blue and white, the colors of Israel’s flag, the City of Natchez shines in its support of Israel and our relations,” Anat Sultan-Dadon, Consul General of Israel to the Southeastern United States.

Buildings that will be lit in blue and white or with the Israeli flag, will be photographed and used in photo compilations by the Consulate General and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, that will be collecting photos from around the world of our friends lighting the night with Israel’s national colors.

The photo compilation will also be shared with the Israeli media to showcase cities from around the world celebrating Israel on its Independence Day, which will be marked on April 26.

“As a lover of Israel and our long-standing alliance with this great nation, I am honored that of all Mississippi cities, Natchez was chosen to participate in this event along with other cities from across our country. May we always stand tall in our support of Israel and what their friendship means to America,” Gibson said. Lights can be viewed during the month of April.

“We are proud to be a part of this 75th Celebration of Israel becoming a nation and look forward to a bright future of peace and civility in our world,” he said.