Watch: Natchez team sets fourth highest score in first round of Fast Money on Family Feud

Published 6:26 am Friday, April 21, 2023

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Joanna Biglane McNeel and the rest of Team Biglane were all smiles after the first half of Fast Money when McNeel’s answers set the fourth-highest score for the first player of the bonus round of this season’s game show.

With her five answers, McNeel scored 188 points, only 12 points from reaching the 200 points needed to win $20,000.

Family Fued posted a video of Team Biglane’s Fast Money Bonus on YouTube.

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Here are the answers and scores McNeel gave:

  • We talked to 100 men and asked what is the average amount of money you spend on a first date? McNeel answered: $50. Score:  28
  • Fill in the blank with one specific word, —– station. McNeel answered: train. Score:  30
  • What is the best cheese to put on a toasted cheese sandwich? McNeel answered: cheddar. Score:  33
  • Besides a cat, name an animal that also eats mice. McNeel answered: snake. Score:  47
  • Tell me something you could afford to buy if you had a second job. McNeel answered: car. Score:  50

Team member Lauren Biglane Middleton would go on to secure the win for the team and the $20,000 prize.