Family Feud’s number one answer, ‘Trees’ left Natchez Biglanes stumped; Can they finish strong?

Published 10:21 am Monday, April 24, 2023

NATCHEZ — Don’t forget to watch tonight’s final episode for the Biglanes of Natchez on Family Feud to see if they can finish strong in the hit game show.

Competing are Lauren Biglane Middleton, Rebecca Biglane Black, Presley Taylor Jennings, Joanna Biglane McNeel and Melinda Jet Biglane.

They were featured in two episodes Thursday and Friday and will appear again tonight, Monday, April 24. In Natchez, people can tune in to watch it at 6 p.m. on the following channels:

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·      Dish Network – Channel 11

·      DirecTV – Channel 13

·      Sparklight – Channel 32

On Smart TVs, local channels can also be found by Hulu’s paid subscribers. Just look for “NEW” next to episodes in Season 24.

In the family’s TV debut on Season 24 of Family Feud Thursday night, they won the show and secured the $20,000 grand prize of the Fast Money Round.

McNeel’s answers set the record for the fourth-highest score for the first player of the bonus round this season with 188, only 12 points from the 200 needed to win the bonus round.

Middleton would go on to secure the win for the $20,000 prize.

On Friday, they were again victorious. However, the Fast Money Round left a lot to be desired compared with the first match.

Watch it here on YouTube.

McNeel only earned 27 points in the first round, leaving a whopping 173 points to break 200.

See how McNeel did below.

·      Name a type of jewelry you’d be more likely to see a woman wearing than a man: Necklace; 15

·      Name something in nature a poet might write about: Ocean; 0

·      How long does a box of cookies last in your home?: Three days; 8

·      Name a piece of clothing people buy without trying on: Dress; 2

·      Tell me the worst place to be seated in a restaurant: In the back; 2

Could Middleton save the day?

Even with two number-one answers, she only brought their total to 146 points.

See how Middleton did below.

·      Earing; 20. Number one answer: Bracelet

·      Grass; 0. Number one answer: Trees

·      One week; 35. Number one answer

·      Underwear; 37. Number one answer

·      By the bathroom; 27. Number one answer: By the kitchen.

No one could guess answers to the survey: Name something in nature a poet might write about.

“That was a hard one,” Host Steve Harvey noted in the broadcast.

The number one answer was trees.

Each point earned the Biglanes $5, for an additional $730 win.