Murphy the golden retriever dog was injured due to gun violence in Natchez; Fundraiser aims to help save his leg

Published 12:10 pm Monday, May 8, 2023

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NATCHEZ — Murphy, a seven-year-old Golden Retriever, is described as a gentle dog, alert but never violent.

His owner said he didn’t even bark just before he sustained a gunshot wound to his right hind leg while she was walking him in her mother’s front yard in the 800 block of North Union Street in Natchez last week.

At this time, it’s unclear if the gunshots were aimed at Murphy or his owner, who was walking him on a non-retractable leash when at least four gunshots were fired by someone apparently hiding out near the driveway, striking the dog and nearby trees but thankfully missing Murphy’s 33-year-old mom.

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She asked to remain anonymous while the shooter is still at large

Natchez police have not identified any suspects but confirmed that they were reviewing security camera footage and located four .40 caliber shell casings in bushes in the yard of the home.

The young woman had been staying with her mother in Natchez. Murphy had only been visiting a week before he was struck by gunfire out of the blue. No one saw the shooter, but Murphy’s owner said she saw a light “like a muzzle flash” in the bushes next to the driveway as gunshots came straight toward her.

Murphy was rushed to Louisiana State University veterinary hospital, where he received two surgeries to remove the bullet at the knee joint — which was shattered — and close up the wound so he could return home. He will have to have another surgery to either fuse the bone in his leg or amputate it once the vet is sure that no infection has set in.

A GoFundMe was created by Murphy’s family for anyone who wants to contribute to Murphy’s hospital bills and potentially help save his leg from being amputated.

Click here to find the GoFundMe page, or visit