Aldermen shift funding to get Morgantown Road project started

Published 11:19 pm Saturday, June 24, 2023

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NATCHEZ — The Natchez Board of Aldermen moved some things around, matching actions expected by the Adams County Board of Supervisors, to help get work started on the Morgantown Road project.

Aldermen agreed to move funds $240,000 it has set aside for Phase 1 of the Morgantown Road Project to its Phase 2. The county will do the same, moving $360,000 from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

Interestingly, Phase 2, which deals primarily with drainage issues, will be completed first, while the project awaits the Mississippi Department of Transportation to release the $2.4 million in funds earmarked by the federal government for the actual road widening and reconstruction.

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Bids for the Phase 2 drainage portion of the project came in about $1.3 million more than it was estimated to cost. That makes shifting funds set aside by the city and county for Phase 1 and moving them to Phase 2 necessary to allow that work to get under way.

In addition, aldermen agreed to secure a loan, as long as the county does so as well, to help pay for Phase 2 of the project. The city will seek to borrow $240,000 and the county will be asked to borrow $360,000, totaling an additional $600,000 for the project. The city and county portions represent the portions of the road for which each entity is responsible.

Lastly, the city agreed to re-advertise for general contractors for the Phase 2 of the project.

Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson said it is likely to be the spring of 2024 before the Phase 1 or road construction portion of the project gets started, and it is likely to require additional money from the federal and state governments to complete.