Man accused of multiple armed robberies in Miss-Lou area sentenced for robbing Ferriday Circle K

Published 5:40 pm Wednesday, June 28, 2023

VIDALIA, La. —  A man accused of committing two other armed robberies in Natchez was sentenced to 15 years in jail without the benefit of parole or probation for robbing a Circle K in Ferriday. All three robberies occurred within a three-day period.

Michael Bacon, 35, was sentenced for robbing the Circle K on a Thursday morning, Oct. 27, 2022, according to Ferriday Police Department. Natchez Police placed warrants for Bacon’s arrest for two other armed robberies the following Friday and Saturday.

He allegedly robbed a Dollar General store on Seargent Prentiss Drive the following Friday night and was captured on video brazenly pointing a gun at a cashier at Natchez Market 1 the following Saturday and walking out of the store with stolen cash and a carton of Newport cigarettes without firing the weapon, said former Natchez Police Chief Joseph Daughtry at the time.

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Shortly after the robbery at Natchez Market 1, Ferriday police officers arrested Bacon.

Authorities said Bacon’s arrest “was a direct result of law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Mississippi River working together in unison.”

“Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Metro Narcotics Taskforce, Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office, Concordia Parish Narcotics Taskforce, Natchez Police Department, Vidalia Police Department and Ferriday Police Department, along with others’ shared intel, which helped to quickly identify this suspect,” the police department states.

“This should serve as notice to those thinking about committing crimes in the Miss-Lou area that all of our agencies are committed to working together to combat those individuals seeking to disrupt the peace in our communities.”