District Changes: Check polling location before voting

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, August 6, 2023

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NATCHEZ — Adams County underwent redistricting in 2022 to correct population shifts detected in the 2020 U.S. Census.

As a result, some Adams County voters were moved from one district to another, which in turn could change where they vote and who they vote for in the Tuesday, Aug. 8 primary election.

Additionally, two precincts have changed polling locations this election.

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In District 1, those who traditionally vote at the Natchez Mall precinct have been moved to Zion Hill Baptist Church at 349 Lower Woodville Road. In District 5, those who traditionally voted at Lovely Lane will vote instead at Community Chapel Church at 100 Oakland Drive.

Election Commissioner Larry Gardner said the districts most affected by redistricting are Districts 4 and 5.

“Some people from out in the Kingston area that used to be in district three years ago are

back and three again,” he said. “It wasn’t a lot of people that moved but some people will. We did mail everyone a new card, whether they looked at it or not.”

During redistricting, portions of District 2, represented by Supervisor Kevin Wilson, were moved to District 3; a portion of District 5, represented by Supervisor Warren Gaines,  was moved to District 4, represented by Supervisor Rickey Gray; and two bits of land in the Morgantown area were moved from District 5 to District 4.

There were also changes in the Senate and the House districts for the state.

“Most people probably won’t even notice that,” Gardner said.

Some precincts are split precincts, so even those voting at the same polling location may not have the same ballot, he added.

“We used to have four precincts that had splits. Now we have five and that was the redistricting,” he said.

In the primary, split precincts may notice a change in the House and Senate races.

“You got House District 94, 96 and 97 and you have Senate District 37 or 38,” Gardner said.

The best way not to be caught off-guard is to check for your polling place on the Secretary of State’s website and click “View Sample Ballot.”

Voters can visit www.sos.ms.gov/yall-vote, click on “my election day” and then key in their zip code and address to find their polling place. By clicking on “View Sample Ballot” on the same page, voters can also view and print out sample ballots for their particular precinct.

Sample ballots will also be posted on the wall at each polling place.

“The problem with sample ballots are there’s 50 of them, different ones for each district and then you have a Democrat and Republican ballot,” Gardner said. “The courthouse alone has six different ballots. (Which one you vote with depends) on where you live and what party you want to vote for.”


Below is the complete list of precincts in Adams County:

District 1, By-Pass Fire Precinct: Zion Hill Church, 349 Lower Woodville Road

District 1, Bellemont Precinct: Crosspoint Church, 285 Highland Blvd.

District 1, Courthouse Precinct: Courthouse, 115 S. Wall St.

District 2, Duncan Park Precinct: Duncan Park Canteen, 57 Duncan Park Road

District 2, Kingston Precinct: Kingston Community Center, 799 Kingston Road

District 2, Liberty Park Precinct: Adams County Safe Room, 323 Liberty Road

District 2, Beau Pre Precinct: Calvary Baptist Church, 522 U.S. 61 South

District 3, Concord Precinct: Christian Hope Baptist Church, 301 Lasalle St.

District 3, Maryland Heights Precinct: Maryland Heights Recreation Building, 111 Dumas Drive

District 3, Multipurpose Building:  David Steckler Multipurpose Building, 311 Liberty Road

District 3, Palestine Precinct: Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Department, 1196 Liberty Road

District 4, Carpenter Precinct: Rose Hill Baptist Church, 607 ½ Madison St.

District 4, Northside Precinct: Frazier School, 1445 George F. West Blvd.

District 4, Pine Ridge Precinct: District 4 Barn, 176 Foster Mound Road

District 4, Morgantown Precinct: Morgantown Elementary School, 101 Cottage Home Drive

District 5, Oakland Precinct: Community Chapel Church, 100 Oakland Drive

District 5, Washington Precinct: New Hope Baptist Church, 417 Morgantown Road 

District 5, Foster Mound Precinct: District 5 Fire Station, 228 Foster Mound Road

District 5, Airport Precinct: Airport Terminal, 434 Airport Road