Pardon our progress: Street project set to begin soon

Published 10:30 am Sunday, August 6, 2023

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In a couple of weeks, we will break ground on an exciting and very much-needed street infrastructure project.

Starting in 2021, local municipalities began receiving funding allocated by the state legislature for the purpose of repair, maintenance or reconstruction of roads, streets, bridges, water, and sewer from the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2018. In Natchez, we have creatively dedicated and leveraged these funds in order to make possible a six-million-dollar street overlay project for nearly 50 streets all across our city. This will possibly be the most comprehensive street renewal project in our city’s history!

No large infrastructure project is without its headaches and inconveniences, so we will be doing our best to keep citizens informed of street closures, detours, and scheduled start dates for the respective streets within the scope of the project. Our contractors will be putting out signs letting residents know when work will be beginning on each given street. We will also be sharing information about the project on the City of Natchez Facebook page and other social media platforms as well as in the local newspapers and on local radio stations.

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We are asking that all citizens, particularly those who live in the areas to be improved, remain vigilant of construction and also to please remove their vehicles from the sides of streets that are being overlayed as directed by our contractors.

The following streets will be included in this overlay project: Cemetery Road, Brenham Avenue (Minor St. to Concord), Liberty Road (Melrose Ave. to Shields Ln.), Sunset Blvd, Margaret Avenue, East Oak Street, Melrose-Montebello Parkway (East of Sgt. Prentiss to Dead End), Oak Street, Espero Drive, Mansfield Drive, Alta Road, Pecan Way (South of Highland), Old Brown’s Lane, North Rankin Street, Rembert Street, Duncan Park Road, Bishop Street, Rickman Street, South Concord Avenue, Gary Circle, Old Devereux Street, Camp Street, Beech Street, Cottage Farm Road, Auburn Avenue (E Franklin to J Quitman), Quitman Street, Bluff Street, Mascagni Avenue, McGregor Way, East Stiers Lane, Martins Lane, Caddo Street, Village Place, Walnut Street, Lindberg Avenue (Aldren Ct. to Margaret Ave.), Wright Court, Byrd Court, Arnold Court, Earhart Drive, Hicktober Street, East Franklin Street, Fatherland Road (61 S. to Melrose- Montebello Pwy), Fatherland Road (Melrose-Montebello to Hwy 61 N.), Arlington Avenue, and Irving Lane. Other streets may be addressed as time and resources allow.

Improved infrastructure is a major part of the Natchez Renewal. We are grateful that we are able to do these projects on top of our regular street maintenance and repair. Our public works department continues to work hard, oftentimes in excessive heat or in the night after a storm. In my opinion, they are unsung heroes in our community.

We are also seeing many other infrastructure projects in various stages of completion. Some of these, like the North Natchez Youth Center, have been completed and are now open to the public to enjoy. Other projects, such as renovated ballparks and new tennis courts at Duncan Park are well along their way. We also will soon be breaking ground on renovations to the police department, fire departments, Duncan Park golf clubhouse, city auditorium, civic center, and convention center.

Please pardon our progress as we continue working to ensure our streets and facilities are the best they can be — reflective of the beautiful community we are blessed to call home. Because Natchez Deserves More!

Dan M. Gibson is mayor of Natchez.