CHECK BACK OF BALLOT: Names on both sides

Published 12:49 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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NATCHEZ — Something that all voters should be aware of when they cast their ballots at the polls today, there are names on both sides of the ballot sheet.

The Democrat received reports of voters complaining that they could not find their candidate’s name on the ballot but apparently neglected to flip their ballot over and check the back.

Until last November, checking paper ballots to ensure everything has been filled out has been a non-issue since ballots were all digital. However, the machine that counts the paper ballot has an alert that will only pop up if some choices are left blank.

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Voters will then have a second chance to pull their ballot back out and ensure they have filled out everything, or if they intentionally left some blank, they can hit the “Cast” button to force the ballot through.

Most local races appear on the back side of the ballot sheet, while the statewide and gubernatorial races appear on the front.

Make your vote count! Even if you think you’ve filled out everything, it never hurts to check and double-check your ballot before casting it.