Natchez Walmart denies access to inspection report that led to Ag Department ‘Critical Violations’ finding

Published 3:17 pm Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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NATCHEZ — The Natchez Democrat was denied access Wednesday to an inspection report, which recently led to the finding of a “critical violation/s” at the Natchez Walmart store, despite a public notice saying the report was available.

A Department of Agriculture and Commerce notice of critical violation is posted at the top of a window to the right of the grocery store entrance. In addition to notifying the public of a violation, the notice states that “A copy of the inspection report is available at this retail food establishment for review upon request.”

However, a customer service representative at the store said Wednesday she had been instructed to inform anyone who asked about the violation/s that “it has been taken care of.”

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Multiple calls to the listed telephone number for Walmart Natchez went unanswered. On multiple calls, all eight extensions or prompts available to customers were not picked up and no voicemail was available.

A manager in administration this afternoon told a customer service representative she had tried to reach the store manager, Leslie Mongo, but was unable to do so.

After unsuccessful attempts to find the manager at the Natchez Walmart store in person, he did return a phone call to The Democrat, only to say he has been instructed by “corporate” to not provide the inspection report. He directed inquiries to “corporate.”

The Natchez Democrat has contacted the Department of Agriculture and Commerce and requested a copy of the violation report through the Freedom of Information Act.

The violation notice has caused speculation on social media as to the nature of the “critical violation/s” findings.

This is a developing story.