People of Adams County lost election

Published 12:52 pm Friday, August 25, 2023

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The residents of Adams County lost an election. You lost out on having someone in office that looks out for you. I do feel I dodged a bullet as I didn’t know how bad the finances were, but due to the lack of oversight by the current board of supervisors they have taken a $4.5 million dollar surplus, which took me years to build up, and made it disappear in less than four years.

Mike Lazarus

All during this campaign I heard my opponent, Wes Middleton, brag about the largest bond (borrowing money) in the history of the county. This has got to be the worst board in history, not only spending record amounts of money but also borrowing record amounts and now no cash balance. These are all self-made problems because they weren’t paying attention and not working together.

I warned The Natchez Democrat and all of you about these but they were ignored. No investigative reporting, no digging or asking questions. They were informed of all these discrepancies and chose not to report it. No one was watching, but I was.

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Well folks the first payment for these bonds is due in this budget they are working on now and we will have to raise taxes to for pay it. The voters of Adams County were lied to and misled; it’s that simple, and now we will all have pay for it with increased taxes and doubled garbage fees. This board is like a spoiled kid spending daddy’s money with no consequences. It is a shame this didn’t come out before the election, but many of you would still have voted for my opponent because of friendships and that is what is going to ruin this county.

I have an idea how to get out of this and how to bring revenue to this county but my election is over.
I have fixed problems like this before and could have fixed them again but it would take years. My first year in office I asked Tommy O’Beirne to explain to me how all the finances work, do you think the current board has asked the same? Doesn’t look like it. Now with taxes going up on property and car tags and garbage fees doubling what is this board doing about it? Looks like we are going to layoff employees and cut budgets. Well what if the board forgo their salaries, cut out all travel maybe even park or sell those county trucks they bought for themselves. They are to blame for this and seem to be taking no responsibility. Supervisors used to be revered and respected and now it is a popularity contest to get elected, qualified or not. I’m sure they will try to blame someone else. Remember Angie King told them they had no money.

Wes Middleton was proud to say that he improved county parks. The only county parks I see that got improvements was Chester Willis Field and the horse arena. Yes it would be wonderful to have the funds for these improvements but the problem is there are no funds. (It is) Like buying a new convertible when your house needs a new roof. Plus only two schools play on Chester Willis Field and Wes Middleton, who works for Sports Center, sells to these two schools. That is a red flag to me that he has other motives. Also ask Wes Middleton why he came up with the idea of sending county prisoners to Concordia Parish? Could it be that his uncle, Fred Middleton, is the Chief Deputy?

I suggest the voters in District 2 and 5 should give the challengers a chance and vote them in office in November. Obviously Kevin Wilson and Ricky Gray are doing a terrible job and let this county get in this shape. The current board is so divided that some fresh faces can’t possibly do any harm. Remember it was Kevin Wilson that fought the school about tax increases, what is his position now on the county increasing taxes?

In closing Wes Middleton made history for borrowing the most money at one time but also made history by spending the most in history, leaving the county with no cash balance and depleting funds.
He lied to your face saying he is on the right path and should serve four more years. Everyone should thank him when they get their tax notice, pay their car tag and garbage bill. We can all hardly wait to see what else can go wrong this next four years but I’m sure something historic will happen. Because of the BOS inability to pay attention to finances the hard working county employees are going to suffer by not getting raises and the hard working county residents are going to be paying higher taxes. Make sure you contact Wes Middleton and tell him thank you.

Mike Lazarus is a former Adams County District 1 supervisor and an Adams County resident.

Editor’s note: Information herein is the opinion of the writer and The Natchez Democrat has not verified statements presented as being factual.