Second Barbiecore for a Cure hopes to be same silly success

Published 12:28 pm Monday, September 18, 2023

NATCHEZ — The Pilgrimage Garden Club and Barbiecore for a Cure chairperson Diane DuPont are gearing up for a second successful event, planned for Sept. 22 at Stanton Hall from 8 to 11 p.m.

“It is a national movement to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Last year our attitude was one of we’ll try it and see how it goes,” DuPont said. “We were shocked. People went nuts for Barbicore! They really went all out. We aren’t changing a thing this year. It’s kind of like ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ ”

Barbiecore is open to everyone. Tickets are $50 and they include amazing food and an open bar by The Carriage House.

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“We have a DJ and there will be a lot of dancing and fun,” she said. “People came dressed up in every kind of Barbie you can imagine. We had a lot of workout Barbie outfits, complete with dumbbells and sweatpants. They did lots of workout routines on the dance floor. And we had lots of Kens, too. It was so much fun.”

Unlike many Natchez events that tend to be more formal in nature, Barbiecore is more geared toward having fun.

“I think people really liked it because it was a chance to be silly, dance and just have fun. There was a lot of dancing going on,” DuPont said. “People loved putting together their costumes, which were great. You’ve never seen so much pink. We had a convertible in front of Stanton Hall and everything was draped in pink. Even Stanton Hall was lit up pink.”

All proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Tickets are available at the door the evening of the event, or can be purchased online using the QR code or can be bought at Natchez Pilgrimage Tours at 211 Main St.

“Of course, dressing up as your favorite themed Barbie and Ken is welcomed but not required,” she said.