Court Cases Sept. 27

Published 10:10 am Monday, October 2, 2023

Adams County Justice Court Cases — End Results

Week of Sept. 15-21:

None. (No court on Tuesday, Sept. 19)

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Adams County Circuit Court Cases — End Results

Thursday, Sept. 21:

Brandon Christopher Bamburg pleaded guilty to kidnapping (Count I) and attempted murder (Count II) in Judge Drake’s court. Sentenced to 30 years on kidnapping charge in the Mississippi Department of Corrections and to 33 years on attempted murder charge in the Mississippi Department of Corrections with the sentences for Count I and Count II to run consecutively.

Must pay at $250.00 prosecution fee, courts costs in the amount of $432.50, and restitution in the following amount: $15,674.00 to Merit Health Natchez ER; $149.95 to Jackson Radiology Associates; $184.00 to APP or MSED, LLC; and $200.00 to Jettie Rabb.


Natchez Municipal Court Cases — End Results

Wednesday, Sept. 20:

None. (none available)


Tuesday, Sept. 19:

None. (none available)