Concordia Parish Elections Results: Two police jury seats head for general election

Published 10:16 pm Saturday, October 14, 2023

With 26 of 26 precincts reporting in Concordia Parish, two of six police jury seats on the Oct. 14 primary appear headed to the general election.

Four candidates are vying for the Police Jury district 2 seat. With three of three precincts in the parish reporting, Kenneth Wayne Simpson (Democrat), leads with 232 (40%) votes. Raymond Riley (Democrat) is second with 130 votes, or 22% and will face Simpson in the general election.

Willie Dunbar (Democrat) received 119 votes, or 21%, and Darry P. Curren (Democrat), 17%.

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In the Police Juror District 3, Place B race, Scottie Whittington (Republican) earned 411 votes or 46% and Cornelle Lewis (Republican) received 376 votes or 42%. They advance to the general election. James Courtney Cockerham received 115 or 13% of the votes.

The remaining police jury seats were decided in the primary.

• Police Jury District 1 Place B: Wilbert Washington (Independent) won with 494 votes or 60%. Robert L. Knoten  (Independent) received 335 votes or 40%.

• Police Jury District 4 Place A: Genesia Allen (Democrat) won with 520 votes or 66%; Elijah (Steppers). Banks (Democrat) received 262 votes or 34%.

• Police Jury District 4 Place B: Kayle J. Davis Sr. (Democrat) won with 441 votes, 55%. Gary Wayne Neal (Republican) received 360 votes or 45%.

• Police Jury District 5 Place A: Collin Edwards (Independent) won with 351 votes or 65%. Karl Davis (Democrat) received 189 votes, or 25%.

Parish voters also elected a new coroner and constable.

For coroner, Pamela Poole (Independent) won with 2,141 or 52% of the vote. Craig Hawn (Independent) received 1,988 votes or 48%.

For Constable – Justice of the Peace District 4, Daniel Barice Sr. (Democrat) received 419 or 54% of the vote. Wanda Sewell (Republican) received 352 votes, or 46%.

In the legislative races, Katrina Jackson (Democrat) carried the parish in the Senate District 34 race, winning 1,105 votes or 68%. James “Joeboy” Smith (Republican) received only 516 votes, or 32% in the parish. Jackson won the district with 71% of the vote.

C. Travis Johnson (Democrat) led the parish for the District 21 Representative seat with 2,227 votes or 55%; James “Jamie” Davis (Democrat) received 1,657 or 41% and Clark White Jr. (Democart) received 200 votes or 5%. With 87 of 89 precincts reporting, Johnson was leading with 49% and Davis was second with 44%, likely sending the two to the general election ballot.

In the statewide races, with 3,734 precincts of 3,929 reporting, Jeff Landry (Republican) appeared to cinch the governor seat with 52% of the vote and William “Billy” Nungesser (Republican) won the lieutenant governor’s race.

The secretary of state race was saw Nancy Landry (Republican) and Gwen Collins-Greenup (Democrat) with 19 percent of the statewide vote each. Mike Francis (Republican) was close behind with 18% of the vote.

Liz Baker Murrill (Republican) received 46% of the vote for attorney general and appeared headed to the general election against Lindsey Cheek (Democrat) with 23% of the vote.

John Fleming (Republican) had received 44% of the vote for state treasurer and appears headed to runoff against Dustin Granger (Democrat).

On the constitutional amendments, Concordia Parish voters passed all four, as did statewide voters:

• No. 1, prohibiting the use of private funds in the administration of elections, 67% in the parish; 73% statewide

• No. 2, providing the freedom of worship is a fundmanetal right worthy of the highest protection, 90% in the parish; 80% statewide

•  No. 3, dedicating certain payments to be applied to the state retirement system undfunded accrued liability, 53% in the parish; 56% statewide.

• No. 4, restricting ad valorem tax exemptions for certain nonprofit organizations, 57% in the parish; 66% statewide.

Complete statewide results are available here.