Hit-and-run on Duncan Avenue leaves parked car totaled

Published 12:23 pm Saturday, November 4, 2023

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Mark Weeden said his niece’s car was totaled during a hit-and-run incident late Thursday on Duncan Avenue. (Submitted)

NATCHEZ — Mark Weeden said things could be better for himself and his niece, who lost a car to a hit-and-run Thursday on Duncan Avenue.

At approximately 9:50 p.m., Weeden said he heard a loud bang outside of the home he and his niece share in the 500 block.

“I was just getting ready for bed and heard a bang outside and thought maybe it was a limb falling. I went out to make sure that my house or my neighbors’ houses were OK and found my niece’s car parked in front of the house totaled,” Weeden said.

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He added his home surveillance cameras are programmed not to turn on until midnight, however, one of his neighbors caught footage of vehicles, one of which may have caused the damage.

Camera footage of a black SUV and red truck passing in front of a neighbor’s house shortly before a car belonging to Mark Weeden’s niece was struck in front of his house. (Submitted)

In the video, a black SUV and a red truck are both seen driving side by side in front of the neighbor’s house followed shortly by a loud crashing sound.

The SUV was speeding right toward his niece’s car off camera, Weeden said

“My neighbor came by this morning and gave me the video and closeup of the vehicles,” he said. “We reported it to the police department last night and gave them the information my neighbor gave me.”

Weeden asked anyone with information to contact the Natchez Police Department and asked anyone who owns a body shop to be on the lookout for the vehicle.

“My niece is working, taking a computer course, and trying to do typical 23-year-old things. We just want the car replaced and aren’t necessarily worried about pressing charges or taking anyone to court. I’m not out for vengeance. People make mistakes. Kids get scared and maybe they drove off out of fear. I’m not a vengeful person.”