ACSO Special Operations Group helps apprehend armed and wanted man in Woodville

Published 4:40 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2023

NATCHEZ — The Adams County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Group assisted Woodville Police officers on Monday in apprehending a man recently released from prison who allegedly assaulted another man.

Woodville Police Chief Lemuel Rutledge said his department received a call of an assault on First West Street North in Woodville.

“The victim had been assaulted and was later transported to the hospital and treated for broken ribs and a concussion,” Rutledge said.

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The assailant was identified as Tony Chisholm, 43, of Woodville, who had recently been released from the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Also, the police chief said his department wanted Chisholm on a grand larceny warrant.

“The victim did state that Chisholm was known to be armed with an assault rifle, which is what prompted me to seek assistance from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office,” he said.

After time spent briefing and planning with the Adams County Sheriff’s Special Operations Group, Woodville officers and deputies from the Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office, Rutledge said the team made contact with Chisholm, who was “very disgruntled’ on initial contact.

After a time talking with the suspect, Rutledge said he did calm down and comply with officers.

Recovered by law enforcement were a stolen SKS assault rifle and a military grade bulletproof vest, Rutledge said.

Chisholm was transported to the Wilkinson County Jail, where he faces charges of grand larceny, an absconding warrant by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, aggravated assault and possession of a stolen weapon by a convicted felon.

Rutledge said Chisholm is still in jail awaiting arraignment.

“I want to thank Adams County Sheriff Patten and his Special Operations Group and the Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office for assisting with this individual. He is one we have tried to help in the past, but you just can’t help them all,” Rutledge said.

Sheriff Patten said the cooperation among departments on Monday is an example of how law enforcement helps their neighbors.

“During the election you heard a lot of talk about the need to form MOU’s and partnerships with our neighboring counties. This is an example of the partnerships we’ve had for years and continue to commit to,” Patten said. “When our neighbors call, we answer. We know SWAT teams can be four to six hours before they can get on the scene. I am glad the team we sent down there were able to de-escalate the situation without blood being shed.”