Concordia Parish Police Jury votes to merge voting precincts in compliance with state order

Published 1:01 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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VIDALIA, La. — The Concordia Parish Police Jury voted unanimously on Monday to merge more than a dozen different voting precincts in the parish into six in compliance with a state order.

The reason for the precinct consolidation is that each of the precincts had fewer than 200 voters, Police Jury Secretary Ariella Carter said.

The merging precincts are as follows:

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·      Precinct 1-2A will merge with precinct 1-2 to become the new precinct 1-2.

·      Precincts 2-1A and 2-1B will merge with precinct 2-1 to become the new precinct 2-1.

·      Precincts 4-2A and 4-2B will merge with precinct 4-3 to become the new precinct 4-3.

·      Precinct 5-2 will merge with precinct 5-1 to become the new precinct 5-1.

·      Precinct 5-3 will merge with precinct 5-5 to become the new precinct 5-5.

·      Precinct 5-4A will merge with precinct 5-4 to become the new precinct 5-4.

The new polling locations for these precincts are as follows:

·      Precinct 1-3A and precinct 1-3 will share a polling place at Ferriday Lower Elementary School, 110 Bateman Drive, Ferriday.

·      Precinct 1-2 at 1116 Second St., Ferriday.

·      Precinct 2-1 at Concordia Parish School Board Annex, 508 John Dale Drive, Vidalia.

·      Precinct 4-3 at Doty Road Center, 109 Doty Road, Ferriday.

·      Precincts 5-1 and 5-5 will share a polling place at the trade school, 2100 N. EE Wallace Blvd., Ferriday.

·      Precinct 5-4 at Sonny’s Food Mart, 15119 U.S. 84, Jonesville.

These changes will go into effect in 2024 elections, Carter said.

No one from the public commented on the merging of precincts during a public hearing Monday.