Deadline Jan. 1 for Y’all Means All Natchez non-profit funding

Published 3:30 am Monday, December 18, 2023

NATCHEZ — Y’all Means All Natchez (YMAN) envisions a more open, accepting, and active Natchez/Miss-Lou area in which a welcoming atmosphere embraces a diversity of perspectives, lifestyles, and cultures necessary to promote private and public investment in our city and region. It is our mission to foster an atmosphere of hope by participating in an open way in community improvement activities while providing help in the form of funding for mental well-being services.

The goal of YMAN funding is to provide individuals who have limited or no ability to pay for mental health services, the opportunity to obtain needed assistance through community- based programs.

Individuals served can be of any age, who have been professionally determined to have a mental illness, an emotional disturbance or a substance abuse issues that results in a functional impairment which interferes with, or limits one or more major life areas. This funding is intended to provide ongoing services to individuals to assist them with stabilizing negative symptoms and to obtain their highest level of functioning.

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Funding provided will be used for an array of mental health services to include, but not limited to the following:

1) Diagnostic and Initial Assessment – During this interview, individuals requesting mental health services will be evaluated to determine if the presence of specific symptomology are evident, and whether they meet the diagnostic criteria to constitute a mental health diagnosis. During this assessment the individual’s strengths, needs and desires will be discussed and used to determine which services may be beneficial in reducing problematic symptoms and promoting an improved

and more satisfactory lifestyle. At this time, a plan will be developed which will outline the services to be provided.

2) Therapy –

a. Individual Therapy – Individuals will meet with a mental health professional in a comfortable and safe environment. Supportive counseling, psychoeducation Concerning diagnosis, triggers, symptomology, and coping skills; as well as assistance in setting attainable person goals will be provided.

b. Family Therapy – Individuals and their significant others will meet with a mental health professional to address relationship dynamics to better understand and deal with problematic issues, improve communication and promote more positive Interpersonal relationships.

3) Medication Evaluation and Management – Individuals will meet with a medical professional to be evaluated for the need of psychotropic medications. If warranted medications will be prescribed. Follow up appointments will be established on a routine basis to monitor for changes in mood and behavior, the presence of side effects, and/or the need for altercations to be made in type or dosage of medication prescribed.

4) Nursing Services – Individuals will meet with a medical professional for observation and Monitoring of medication compliance, symptoms stability and general vitals. Individuals will be provided with health education as warranted.

5) Supportive Services – Support staff will assist individuals in improving their functioning within the home and community environments. Support staff will monitor for the effectiveness of treatment; encourage self-management of medication; de-escalate crisis situations; encourage family involvement; assist in accessing for and linkage to needed services such as medical, social, housing, transportation, employment, etc.; promote independent functioning; and assist with relapse prevention strategies.

6) Crisis Services – Individuals will have access to immediate professional intervention either face-to-face or by telephone, 24 hours a day, for the purpose of emotional support, exploring alternative solutions and establishing a plan for symptom management; thus, restoring individuals to a more stable level of functioning.

Access and General Policy Requirements

Individuals interested in mental health services can assess services by making a personal request or by having a request made on their behalf from YMAN or another Non-Profit referral entity (medical, religious, law enforcement, social service agency). The initial Diagnostic and Assessment evaluation will be conducted within five working days from time of request unless deemed an emergency at which time they would be seen immediately. Agencies provided with funding will meet all state and federal requirements in regards to client rights and confidentiality. Agencies will not discriminate based on handicapping condition, health issues (hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, etc.), race, creed, color, sex, age or national origin. Staff providing services will hold required and necessary educational degrees, experience and Certifications/licensures.

Funding Requirements

At least ninety (90) percent of the funding provided by YMAN will be used for the purchase of direct services between the individual requesting mental health ervices and a qualified provider. Up to ten (10) percent may be used for the purchase of office equipment, program equipment, program supplies or furniture. Agencies interested in obtaining YMAN funding will submit a Funding Proposal by January 1st, at the beginning of the new funding year. Proposals should include agency demographic information, a list of services to be provided, proposed budget, ages of individuals to be served, target population, and a brief narrative of treatment provision and follow up. Upon completion of the funding year a summary of expenditures will be submitted no later than January 15th of the following year. This summary will include the total number of individuals served during the funding year; the total number of services provided, listed by type, with cost per unit and total cost of each; and a description of all commodities purchased with their cost.

Future funding will be dependent upon receipt of previous years expenditure, if applicable.

For more information, or to apply for grant funding from Y’all Means All Natchez, contact TJ Baggett at Click here for funding application.