ELECTION 2024: Mayor, police chiefs, aldermen on the ballot for Concordia municipal elections

Published 11:04 am Wednesday, December 20, 2023

VIDALIA, La. — Qualifying for the municipal primary election in Concordia Parish ended last week with Incumbent Vidalia Mayor Buz Craft (Democrat) and District 3 Alderman Brent Smith (Republican) unopposed.

The police chief of the Village of Clayton Bobby L. Madison Sr. (Democrat) and three Clayton Aldermen and Town of Ferriday District C Alderwoman Sandra “Gail” Pryor (Democrat) are also unopposed.

However, all other mayor, police chief and alderman races in Ferriday, Clayton and Vidalia will be decided in 2024 elections.

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Early voting in the primary begins March 9 and ends March 16 before primary election day on March 24. For the municipal general election, early voting begins April 13 and ends April 20 before election day on April 27.

The deadline to register to vote by mail is Feb. 21 or online via the Geux Vote online registration by March 2. The deadline to request a mail ballot from the registrar’s office is March 22.

Candidates who qualify are listed below.


Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace District 5A: No candidates



Mayor Town of Vidalia: “Buz” Craft, Democrat, Unopposed

Chief of Police Town of Vidalia: Frank Duson, Independent; “Joey” Merrill, Independent

Alderman District 1, Town of Vidalia: Bonita D. Cage, No Party; Chakatria Johnson Fitzgerald, Democrat; Joseph McCoy, Independent; Triand “Tron” McCoy, Democrat; Christine Washington, Democrat

Alderman District 2, Town of Vidalia: Robert Lee Gardner Jr., Democrat; Cassandra D. Lynch, Democrat. Vernon Stevens, Independent, has withdrawn.

Alderman District 3, Town of Vidalia: Brent Smith, Republican, Unopposed

Alderman District 4, Town of Vidalia: Deborah “Debbie” Brocato, Republican; “Tommy” Probst, Republican; “Beau” Shively, Republican

Alderman District 5, Town of Vidalia: “Joey” Ainsworth, Republican; Jon Betts, Republican



Mayor Town of Ferriday: Charles Anderson, No Party; “Joey” Bazile III, Democrat; DeBorah Elaine-Jones, Democrat; Alvin Garrison, Democrat; Mitchell Hunter, Democrat; Ronnie Reese, No Party; James Skipper, Independent; Rydell Turner, Democrat

Alderman District A, Town of Ferriday: Brandi Bacon, Democrat; Dra’Carl Walker, Democrat

Alderman District B, Town of Ferriday: Elijah “Steppers” Banks, Democrat; Devin Bryan, Democrat; “Juan” King, No Party; Devonte M. Schiele, No Party

Alderman District C, Town of Ferriday: Sandra “Gail” Pryor, Democrat, Unopposed

Alderman District D, Town of Ferriday: Andre J. Keys, Democrat; Jennie Kimble, Democrat; Ashley M. Skipper, Democrat; Patricia Martin Williams, Democrat

Alderman District E, Town of Ferriday: Essie Carter Green, Democrat; Gloria Lloyd, Democrat; David Turner, Independent



Mayor Village of Clayton: Cortlandt Flournoy, Republican; Robert James Lee, Democrat

Chief of Police Village of Clayton: Bobby L. Madison Sr., Democrat, Unopposed

Aldermen Village of Clayton (three to be elected): Michelle D. Bethea1, Democrat, Unopposed; Willie L. “Bill” Evans, Democrat, Unopposed; Valerie T. Parker, Democrat, Unopposed