‘Your banner hung for all to see’: CPA recognizes students with 25 or higher ACT 

Published 10:21 am Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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RIDGECREST, La. — Many have seen student athletic banners hanging in school gyms or lining the fences of the baseball or softball fields.

Concordia Parish Academy recently hung banners showcasing students for another reason.

Students who scored a 25 or higher on their ACT received a banner for CPA’s first-ever ACT Wall of Fame at a special recognition ceremony.

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“Too many times we do not promote our academic accomplishments. We all see the athlete who has signed a college scholarship to play ball at the next level. But seldom do we see the students who excel academically and excel on the ACT, saving their parents thousands and thousands of college tuition dollars,” said CPA Director Whest Shirley at the ceremony on Friday.

“Today we recognize your accomplishments at the first-ever ACT recognition ceremony. For making a 25 on the ACT, your banner, and your picture will be hung in the foyer for all to see. We want to encourage all who are here today and are watching online to set a goal to be inducted into this prestigious club.”

Guest speaker Tance Hughes, businessman and former CEO of Southern Designs, also came to CPA Friday to motivate students.

As his business became one of Louisiana’s top 10 fastest growing, earning Hughes a spot in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, “His name has become synonymous with entrepreneurial grit,” Shirley said, adding even under economic storms and hardship, Hughes showcases an ability to “turn challenges into opportunities.”

Hughes spoke to students about taking what they’re good at and pursuing that path.

“You may find that even though you’ve made this really great ACT score, college isn’t the right path for you. At least it wasn’t for me,” Hughes said. “Find what you’re good at and do that because that is going to give you the most fulfilling life and career.”

Shirley said it’s critical that student accomplishments both inside and outside of the classroom be celebrated.

“We are constantly promoting our students through our newspaper outlets and social media. Whether they are scoring touchdowns, hitting home runs, or showing goats at the local 4H fair, we feel these are all small steps in accomplishing goals and that they are essential to building their confidence and self-esteem,” he said.