Miss-Lou Studio Creative: ‘A place for all’

Published 7:00 am Sunday, June 9, 2024

VIDALIA, La. – After years spent working on small personal art projects for friends and family around the community, local artist Jenny Hinkle decided to open Miss-Lou Studio Creative.

“At first, my husband and I just needed a larger studio,” Hinkle said, “The projects that we started getting asked to do were too large for the studio we were in at the time. But after getting an offer on this building I knew that I could do more with it, create a place for anyone who wanted to learn art.”

The studio is located at 3046-C Carter St. in Vidalia.

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After hosting her first class in March, Hinkle quickly began expanding the topics that she taught. She now offers a number of different lessons, such as classes in visual art, and website design, as well as an array of classes she calls “create,” such as illustrate create, doodle create, and sketch create. She hopes that in the near future, she will be able to teach new classes, such as digital animation, while also continuing to progress in her present classes. 

Another aspect that she hopes to be able to introduce to her studio is a cooking class, hosted by her daughter Hannah Hinkle, owner of “Rollin’ in the Dough” which is a sweets shop located right next door to the studio. Through collaboration and progress, Hinkle wants to create an environment where anyone can come in and create on their own accord, not restrained by instruction or pressure.

“I want Studio Creative to become a place where anyone can feel welcome. Art can be so helpful in so many different situations. It can help people with similar personalities and interests meet in an environment where they can feel more comfortable than they might’ve in a different setting” Hinkle said. “The main issue that a lot of people have when approaching art, especially adults, is that they have already created an idea in their mind of what an artist is supposed to look like, and most times they don’t fit that mold, so they don’t bother trying.”

This is one of the many reasons Hinkle aims to create an alternative learning environment for anyone who attends her classes. 

“I didn’t want this to just be a normal kind of teaching experience, especially for the younger people in my classes. I wanted to create an environment where anyone who I taught could freely create whatever they wanted. I’ve never seen myself as an art teacher, instead someone who is sharing something that I love.” Hinkle said.

More information on Studio Creative can be found on its website ​​​​missloustudiocreative.com

To get in touch for classes, call (662)-255-7311.