Public hearing on lake levels coming

Published 12:03am Sunday, August 5, 2012

In answer to Tim King’s letter published Wednesday, the water he is looking for was pumped out by the Wild Cow pumping station.

Early spring (March), the complex level was 7 feet above pool stage and was held there for more than four weeks. I had to boat in and out of Kincade Bayou Road, for it was flooded.

Slowly the water fell until it hit pool stage. Then and only then did Rig Masters (operators of the pumping station) see fit to pull the plug, sucking out 18 inches of water overnight with the complex below pool stage.

The drought of late May through mid-July hit, and that is where we stand. The last rains have helped, but many farmers are pumping out of Scenic River (Cocodrie Bayou), thus lowering the levels even more. The Black River Lake Commission is comprised of farmers, so good luck with the recreation end of the show.

Pumping at proper times would solve most problems without the cost of a control structure and the upkeep. Also, opening gates to let Black River water into Black River Lake and its surrounding areas would introduce polluted water and an invasive species of fish (silver carp), in my opinion.

A meeting with the police jury, Black River Lake Commission Lake St. John Committee, Larto Lake (Catahoula Parish) and without any representatives from Lake Concordia was Monday, July 31.

Nothing was carved in stone, but a public hearing will be in mid-August, so be there with your questions along with mine and many others.


Robby Roberts

Vidalia resident

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Robby for taking the time to let us know who “stole” the water. I think Mr. King could have solved his riddle with a phone call. He’s lived in the area long enough to have some idea of who to contact about the matter instead of taking up newspaper space. Some people…well enough said…….