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Duck, duck, witch hunt a success

Historic Jefferson College started a new event this fall, and it turned out to be a rousing success!

In addition to our annual Ghost Tales Around the Campfire, this year we featured an after-dark Halloween duck hunt, at which kids were able to search designated areas of the grounds for Halloween-themed rubber ducks.

We had no idea of how many to expect — 30? 300?

It turned out to be closer to the latter — 285 people attended the event, and all the kids went home with at least one duck.

To give another measurement of success, we hid 600 ducks, but only found six the next morning!

Our storytellers were excellent, and we plan on having a sound system next year so everyone can hear their tales clearly. We’ll also be expanding the size of the hunt area, and of course, getting even more ducks!

This event would not have been possible without the help of our sponsors.

Thank you all, and please plan on coming back next year for an even bigger and better event!


Robin Person

branch director, Historic Jefferson College