McNerney got us started going green

Published 12:03am Sunday, November 18, 2012

The gavel of the Natchez-Adams Green Alliance changed hands on Nov. 13 from Steve (and Mary Jo) McNerney to Jim Smith.

It will be ably lead by the Mr. Smith, so a few words need to be said about the McNerneys.

Steve and Mary Jo have been the leading voices (along with Adams County District 1 Supervisor Mike Lazarus) in advancing the need for city and county recycling. They have worked very hard to ensure that our elected and appointed city and county officials, as well as leading community leaders, are on board in support of such programs. Their commitment to making recycling possible is to be applauded.

We can be assured that the groundwork they started will be well-maintained and advanced by our new Green Alliance chairman, Jim Smith.


Mike Gemmell

Natchez resident


  • Khakirat

    If my memory is correct isn’t this the same bunch that raised tulips that was on Foster Mound Rd. that we the county taxpayers put money up for this tulip business that went belly up years ago??!! This cost the county in the millions I bet ? Also , please correct me if I’m wrong about this! I’m not wanting all this recycle mess for if this bunch wants to pay the trash bill for the county people and they separate it then that is different!!

  • Keith

    Time to elect new official!!!!