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Gospel according to Marvel pure racism

The ugly head of racism just will not die. I refer to the Rev. Clifton Marvel’s letter to the editor in praise to the wonderful deeds of Judge Lillian Blackmon Sanders.

Church leaders whether called preacher, reverend, pastor, rabbi, etc., are teachers of their congregations. Is this the lesson the Rev. Marvel teaches in his church — hate, victimization, down cast, dejection and seeking the wrath of God on their imagined enemies? If one dislikes what he likes, they are racist. This must be the Gospel according to Marvel.

He says that there are those who would smear the judge’s name because she is black. In my opinion, she has smeared her own name by her actions of letting felons off the hook. She has had her wrist slapped several times, as I recall, for carrying on such shenanigans in her court. The last I can remember was in October 2012 when she let Jamauri McNealy and Derrick Green walk free. Both, according to the newspaper, had pleaded guilty to robbing a man at gunpoint on Bishop Street. They received virtually no time behind bars.

Why are the freed felons always black? Since the judge is black, this must be the true racism.

Several years ago there was a show on TV starring a black comedian named, “Flip Wilson.” Flip was always doing something wrong and getting into trouble, but it wasn’t his fault — the devil made him do it. Perhaps this is the mindset of the judge “Flip” Sanders. They didn’t mean to do it — the devil made them do it; let the poor innocents go.

The Rev. Marvel’s letter was all about the fact that black people love Judge Sanders. It’s sheer irony that Judge Sanders is setting free black felons who have committed crimes against other black people. Being free, these thugs will continue to commit crimes against even more black folks.

Try to remember to give them a hug when they rob you at gunpoint — they didn’t mean to do it, the devil made them do it.


Ed Field

Natchez resident