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Mississippi leads the way on response

It is great news to know that Mississippi is leading the way in at least one national category — the capability to effectively respond to natural catastrophes and public health threats.

According to a 50-state survey by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Mississippi, along with Maryland, North Carolina, Vermont and Wisconsin, met eight of the 10 measures used to evaluate public health preparedness.

Mississippi ranks high in having plans  to evacuate schools in emergencies, to promote vaccinations, to support public health laboratory services, among other measures of increased public health preparedness. In short, Mississippi’s public health professionals and first responders are using best practices to keep citizens as safe as possible.

Given that the state ranks first in many areas such as infant mortality, obesity, access to medical care, lowest per capita income, etc., it is reassuring to know that we rank high in public health and disaster preparedness.

Bravo to our public health, law enforcement, fire, emergency medical personnel, and others who work in disaster preparedness and response.


Mike Gemmell

Natchez resident