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Citizens rely on government benefits

To the honorable Rep. Rodney Alexander,

Have you lost your rational thinking? I’ve always admired you and always voted for you.

I realize the massive spending for Social Security is an issue. I, as well as millions of other people, have put time in working to support Social Security. So what is your problem? We deserve the support of Social Security after what we put into it.

I am a disabled veteran, and you have the nerve to suggest cutting the defense budget. Without a strong and proper defense, where would we be?

Without Social Security and Medicare, my wife and I would be stressed! My Social Security and VA disability is my only source of income.

This having health insurance by 2014 and being fined if you don’t is the most absurd proposal I’ve ever heard. If you can’t afford the insurance, how can you pay a fine?

Our well-paid (so called) representatives in Washington need to regress to kindergarten and gradually advance through the grades. Upon doing so, I hope they would learn their ABCs as well as the other subjects taught so they can act and think intelligently to make a rational and comprehensive decisions.

This letter is mainly directed to you, but I sincerely hope you would show this to your fellow representatives, so they can wake up to the fact that there are individuals like me who depend on Social Security, Medicare and military defense to survive.

I am submitting this letter to the newspaper so the readers and your constituents hopefully will also stand up and say their piece.


Mike Straczuk

Vidalia resident