PERS benefits could be in jeopardy

Published 12:02am Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear MRPEA members, PERS members and other retirees:

As you know, the 2013 session of the Mississippi legislature is now under way.

We have a lot at stake with their future legislation. I am quoting information that I have received from MPERA that could impact our Public Employees Retirement System. Information received by MPREA from inside the Capitol has indicated that consideration is being given to legislation that could change the composition of the PERS Board of Trustees and possible legislation that could drastically change the cost-of-living adjustment for each retiree receiving benefits.

At present we do not have a bill number, but we are convinced that such changes will be proposed.

Our MPREA Legislative Committee plans to meet with the leadership in both the House and Senate in the next few days to emphasize their support for the PERS board and the current benefit structure and opposition to changes.

My letter is an effort to make all members of PERS aware that efforts will be made to change PERS during the 2013 legislative session.

We need to contact our Mississippi legislators and remind them that we need their support to keep our PERS board structure as it currently exists. Changing the board structure could eliminate input from retirees and active employees and give more control to political officials.

I ask all PERS members in the Miss-Lou to phone, write or e-mail the legislators, the governor and any other officials you may know and ask them to support retaining our current board structure and to preserve our current benefit structure.

Please watch the website, e-mail and the news media closely for information concerning legislation which will be detrimental to PERS.

Please act now and contact the legislators. We must unite in our efforts to protect our retirement system in these difficult economic times.

This letter is intended for educator (public school, college/university) retirees, municipal retirees, state highway patrol retirees, public health retirees and all persons actively working in these areas and who are members of the Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System.

We need everyone to be united in this effort.


Corinne Randazzo

retired educator, Natchez-Adams School District

and Vidalia resident










  • Anonymous

    As a retired educator you should know what “quoting” is. What I gather from this article is that someone is afraid that some small change somewhere might possibly happen…maybe.

    Good thing we don’t have to deal with that in the real world. Change doesn’t happen here. I don’t know what I’d do if some politicians made decisions that caused my take home pay to be less. Oh, wait. I don’t know if I could stand it if politicians passed legislation that impacted my retirement. Oh, wait.

    I guess I’ll just keep funding your retirement “cost of living” increases at the expense of my own retirement. That’s fair, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    PERS represents a very large population of public employees in MS in all the disciplines you mentioned. Since this action will impact future retirees as much as current ones, stage a NAACP type march for everyone to take off one day and march on Jackson. That will get their attention. As Crak says, the probable consequences of the changes are theoretical at this point – sorta like voting for an incumbent politician since you are afraid of the unknown, inexperienced other candidate. Much of the reason the US is currently in the financial mess we are in, Washington politicos who have been there most of their lives.

  • khakirat

    No, the only thing that will get maybe get their attn. in Jackson is like in the 70′s during the teamster truckers strike and they blocked all the major interstates and roads getting into DC with them at Congresses front steps!! And yea, they got what they wanted huh’??!! But this is kind of like the S.S. money that the politicians that have dipped into this fund more than once and never replaced the money it took out with interest that someone forgot huh’??!!

  • Anonymous

    Uh huh.