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Concordia legal system needs revamping

This is a letter concerning and pertaining to the legal system of Concordia Parish and the direct conflicts of the so-called judicial system.

Several individuals in this parish have been wrongfully accused in several cases.

But instead of finding the truth in these matters, the Sheriff’s Department as well as the courts of this parish have failed in the serving of justice by allowing litigators to take on clients in cases where there is a direct conflict of interest, but instead of removing themselves from these cases, the prosecution continues, and justice is unjustly served as favors to family members and the lives of people who stand accused of crimes are manipulated and played with, and this goes on with no one to put a stop to this game of manipulation.

The judicial system was built on moral values, to find justice and also to focus and find ways to help and rehabilitate those in which have committed crimes.

But how can a system of corruption do anything but anger and fuel the fire of the innocent patrons of this parish?

My reason for this is because there are several men in the Department of Corrections sentenced in this parish, wrongfully accused for crimes they did not commit, but their life is forever changed because of the prosecutors’ need for a higher conviction rate.

I’m not saying that everyone is innocent. There are individuals who have committed inhumane crimes, and incarceration is needed to rid society of such criminals.

But what I’m saying is find the truth.

Don’t cover the truth with lies, because that makes the justice system tainted, and it makes the prosecutors and judges no different from the criminals that stand before them.

In closing, I know these may seem like just new and false accusations against the system, but search and find the truth for yourself. The truth can be seen, but only if you’re looking for it.


Kendrick Simms