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Forefathers gave us rights for a reason

Our Forefathers had it right! They gave us documents and a blueprint for the greatest civilization ever conceived. It has a divine arithmetic to it.

For instance, freedom of speech! After edicts from the King of England we were afraid to criticize him who thought the divine right of kings usurped our right to our opinion and to speak it. How do you advance knowledge if there is never someone to advance “the other side?”

Likewise, this bunk that we need gun control! Guess who would have guns if the rest of us law-abiding folks didn’t have guns?

More recently, a U.S. Senator on TV told the country to turn in all assault weapons. She thinks we’re stupid.

How about she claims credit for all the success crooks have robbing the rest of us defenseless folks!

I guess we would have lost the Great Revolution if the pioneers didn’t have guns.

We probably would have only bows and arrows unless some dufus nut convinced the natives not to share that technology with us polefaced intruders!

My advice is to practice often! We need expert shooters!


Erle Drane