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An open letter to Tom Vaughn

I haven’t lived in Natchez for 45 years, but I still follow some of the events and activities back there.  For the past few years I have followed the tragedy around the burning of “Arlington.”

That house was a treasure, and I know you treasured it.  We played there as kids.  I came to your birthday party on the back lawn.  You described to me its history, including how the mirrors were buried in the garden to protect them from Union attack.  I particularly remember a suit of armor in the main foyer.

We were in Cub Scouts together, with Jim Blough – now Judge Blough – who you are now obligated to face in court.  His dad was our pack leader.

This letter is not about property rights and obligations.  It is about remembering.  And I am not addressing it to Dr. Thomas Vaughn in a gated community in Jackson.  I am addressing it to Tom Vaughn, Braden Elementary School, Cub Pack 166.  And I will say it the way kids today would say it:  “Dude, what IS your problem???!!!

Your Friend,


Neal Nathanson