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Cards were stacked in Forks deal

The next greatest generation of American-Africans and others whose actions 50 years ago re-affirmed the civil and human rights gained 150 years ago by the greatest generations of enslaved, non-enslaved and others.

Let’s put these actions 50 years ago in the proper perspective of a long, continual resistance to invasions in Africa by outsiders, forced migrations on the first “middle passages” into Arabia and chattel enslavement (there is no other slavery like chattel slavery; we must make the distinction when using the term “slavery”).

Be aware of the left hemisphere world-view thinking that separates wholes into parts and tries to treat the parts as wholes.

On Saving the Forks of the Road “slave” market site from tax-credit housing development destruction compromise that was announced in the local Natchez newspaper citing the vote of the Natchez City Council, please note I was not a part of any “compromise reached” as the paper had my picture image along with city officials and others.

Therefore, it looked and appears to some that my person was in agreement with the sealed deal that the city and others had cut prior to inviting my person to the game to watch them play.

The deck was marked, and the cards were stacked. All they did was hand my person a joker card. But the joker is wild.

The concern for and people taking ownership in an outcry of “shame” for allowing the desecration of the markets site and what can be done to preserve the Forks is growing nationally.

I will let you know how you can take ownership and do your part.

“Aluta Continua” and the struggle for preserving the whole 16 acres plus of the Forks of the Road enslavement markets sites continues!


Ser Seshsh Ab Heter-CM Boxley