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NRMC staff delivers strong showing

First, I want everyone to know that our hospital is in good hands concerning our medical care. Emergency room doctors such as Dr. Calvin Poole, nurses and medical personnel are an asset to NRMC and patients.

I know. My daughter was diagnosed with a heart attack a few weeks ago. Dr. Poole, a team of nurses and other medical staff were very professional, courteous, caring and smooth in their performances. The air evacuation ambulance was called, and my daughter was transferred to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson. She is now in cardiac therapy at NRMC and doing well.

At this time, her son, my grandson, is a patient in NRMC. Again, Dr. Poole and a team of nurses performed their duties in a professional and caring manner. Dr. Poole called in another doctor to perform surgery. Our grandson has been admitted and should go home in a day or two.

I might add our grandson had been to a different doctor and two hospitals before NRMC. His condition was getting worse. The care by NRMC staff has the problem stabilized and he is improving each day.

Now, the bad.

After reading The Democrat’s front page (Wednesday) morning reference to NRMC declaring bankruptcy, I admit I was shocked. NRMC declared bankruptcy in 2009, just four years ago. How sad!

Our hospital has been in bad shape for the past eight to ten years or more with some of the same people being in leadership positions during this time period and longer. What happened to the $15 million dollars received from the law suit. This money must be accounted for, to our Supervisors then to the owners’ owners; the citizens.

To our Supervisors:

• It is time to clean house. From top to bottom, including the hospital board and attorney. They have had their chance and failed miserably.

I do not want to hear that state law forbids our supervisors to act. The hospital board and administrators are not superior to our elected board of supervisors; definitely not superior to the citizens. Even the president of this great country allegedly works for the people.

• An internal investigation including Attorney Jim Hood should be started to find what happened to the $15 million settlement and other money and assets.

• We, the citizens of Natchez and Adams County, have the right to know the financial status of our hospital. We expect our elected supervisors to  do whatever is necessary, including having laws changed, to remove the  NRMC administrators, attorney and hospital board. It will take “new blood”  to turn our hospital around.

• If NRMC is sold for less than the debt owed, we, the citizens, will pay the difference by a tax increase.

I am, again, calling on all citizens of Natchez and Adams County to be heard by contacting your supervisor, a letter to The Democrat or other means.

Jerry McDaniel