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Dimples players should stay in their lane

For the last two months, there has been so much talk about Dimples Lounge on Main Street. Dimples Lounge has been around for a very long time, and the same type of disturbances that are going on now are the same things that went on when the bar was 100 percent white patrons going to Dimples.

Deidre Cox said she believes her club is being targeted because it serves predominantly black clientele on Main Street. With that statement being said — it is what it is — our mayor surely needs to be working day and night on getting a major plant of some kind to Natchez so the people can work instead of patrolling Dimples Lounge at midnight.

Our chief of police is the one who sees if the police security is doing their job, not the mayor.  Everyone has a part to play, and they all must stay in their lane. Deidre Cox can only do so much. She is not God. She does not know what or when a person is going to cause a problem. She’s got to make a living just like anyone else.

Therefore, for all the parties involved in the Dimples Lounge situation, stop the fighting among yourselves and work together to the point that everybody can be happy.

And most of all, stay in your lane.

Clarence Anderson