Find your true South? It’s right here

Published 12:04 am Friday, January 21, 2011

What a perfect marketing plan the State of Mississippi has rolled out for Natchez.

“Find your true South” — well, of course if that’s what tourists are after they need not look any further than a few hoop-skirted ladies standing on the azalea-wrapped antebellum porch right here in Natchez, Miss.

Sure, a few other Mississippi towns have historic structures, pilgrimage seasons and hoopskirts, but no one does it to the degree or the quality of Natchez.

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The state is rolling out a new brand aimed at promoting Mississippi as the most “Southern” of all Southern states.

And the most “Southern” city in the most “Southern” state is, without argument, Natchez.

So our fair city should have no trouble jumping on the branding bandwagon, as state tourism officials have requested.

Officials from the Mississippi Development Authority’s Tourism Division were in town Wednesday to present the new brand, a logo and their goals.

They hope local businesses, hotels, restaurants and more will find a way to adapt the “Find your true South,” brand to their own business.

Doing so in Natchez should be easy.

Marketing experts will tell you there is great benefit in developing a brand consumers can recognize — Always Coca-Cola, anyone — and the state needs support from Mississippi’s crown jewel if we hope to make this slogan stick.

We’ve found our true South; let’s help others find theirs.