The river needs to be respected

Published 12:03 am Thursday, May 12, 2011

History unfolds before our eyes every single day. In every fleeting second, something changes in our world.

People are born, people die and life keeps chugging along.

Perhaps only through the perspective of hindsight can we truly appreciate that fact.

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Today, as the Mississippi River continues its march higher in what certainly will be known as the Great Flood of 2011, we stand in awe of the river’s power and amazed by the history unfolding before our eyes.

We hope residents of our community come to the Natchez side of the river and take the time to stand on the bluff and simply watch in wonder as the mighty river passes us by.

The river is why our community exists. It’s why early Native American people settled here, and it’s why Europeans decided to settle here as well.

The flood is history in the making, and it’s happening before our eyes.

Yes, it’s a disaster and its impact can be disastrous for those in its wake. But it’s also an amazing opportunity to see history and see just how incredibly powerful God’s earth can be.

Safely from atop the Natchez bluffs, one can see the wide river grow enormous.

We do, however, urge people to follow the law and do not walk on earthen levees in Louisiana. Doing so could harm them or could hamper the work of the dozens of people who monitor them day and night.