Holloway re-elected as city clerk

Published 12:15 am Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NATCHEZ — After months of campaigning, debates and politicking, champagne toasts were all that was left for City Clerk Donnie Holloway Tuesday night.

“To Donnie and four more years!” shouted supporters, family and friends at Natchez Coffee Company.

Unofficial results Tuesday night, showed Holloway receiving 3,011 or 69.7 percent of the vote.

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Temple Hendricks, received 1,308 or 30.3 percent of the vote.

Holloway said the results were a product of years of hard work in the city clerk’s office — not just during campaign season.

“I feel like the citizens of Natchez have faith in what I’ve done in the past, and what I will do in the future,” Holloway said. “I feel great, and it’s a great victory.”

Spending the day visiting all the polling locations, Holloway said his confidence in the results grew steadily as the day continued.

“You always feel nervous going into these things, but I felt good when I got out among the citizens of Natchez and got a feel for how things were going,” Holloway said. “I want to thank all my supporters, family and friends who got out on the streets and worked hard for us.”

Despite losing the election, Hendricks said she gained a wealth of knowledge from contending in the election.

“With this being my first election, I’m feeling like I did really well,” Hendricks said. “I really enjoyed it, and it was fun, but it is what it is.”

Both candidates said they felt they ran a good clean campaign.

“I felt like I needed to educate the public on what was going on at the city clerk’s office,” Hendricks said about her campaign. “And of course, I congratulate Donnie, and will see him at work tomorrow.”

Hendricks works as an administrative assitant in the mayor’s office.

Holloway said he is looking forward to putting the election behind him and continue to try to move Natchez forward.

“We have our new computer system in, and we’ll be trying to add onto that in the near future to help us have smoother operations,” Holloway said. “And we’ll be looking for ways to improve all of the interworking of the city.

“I’m excited to get the chance to serve the citizens of Natchez for four more years.”