Hurricane Isaac has Isle feeling lucky

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lauren Wood | The Natchez Denmocrat — The billboard at the intersection of Canal Street and John R. Junkin promotes the previous owner of the Natchez casino.

NATCHEZ — Having déjá vu? Feel like you are driving around the Natchez of yesteryear?

Not quite. Those billboards pointing you to the Lady Luck Casino aren’t a sign of the times, but instead a sign of the storm.

Earlier this week, Lamar Signs, a billboard company with an office in Alexandria, La., removed the most recent layer of advertisements on a number of billboards around town to protect them from potential Hurricane Isaac storm damage.

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Peeling back the new layer revealed at least two billboards proudly promoting the Lady Luck, the former name of the Isle of Capri Casino.

The Lady Luck operated in Natchez during the mid and late 1990s. It was bought by the Isle in 2000.

Lamar General Manger Rusty Sullivan said the company didn’t intend to confuse, only to protect their property.

“It was weather related,” he said. “We wanted to get ahead of the storm. Depending on the weather, they should be back up in the next week.”

The most visible of Lady Luck billboards sits at the intersection of Canal Street and John R. Junkin.