Natchez resident Theodore Johnson takes 2 bucks in 2 weeks

Published 12:01 am Sunday, March 10, 2013

NATCHEZ — Two bucks within two weeks of each other made for a pretty good January for Natchez resident Theodore Johnson.

Johnson took a 15-point buck Jan. 10 on his brother’s land that registered at 160.8 points by the Boone and Crockett Club scoring system. On Jan. 23, Johnson took another buck, an 11-point, on the same land.

“I had a good season,” Johnson said.

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The first buck came out at approximately 4:55 p.m. after Johnson had been in the hunting stand since 2:30 p.m. The buck was crossing an open area, giving Johnson a clear shot.

“He was walking away from me, and his head was down, so I didn’t know how big he was (at first),” Johnson said. “As he was going down an incline, he turned, and I said, ‘Oh boy, that’s a good one.’”

The shot from Johnson hit the buck in the upper part of his neck, and Johnson said the deer went down in his tracks. Johnson said he didn’t realize just how big the buck was until he saw it up close.

Johnson called his brother, Robert Johnson, and told him he “got something.” Since his brother was recovering from a broken leg, Theodore said he didn’t want Robert to help him initially. But Robert insisted.

“He got there and said, ‘(Darn) boy, you didn’t just get something, you got a good one,’” Theodore said, chuckling.

The second buck was on the same property but in a different area. It was early in the morning, and Theodore said the buck showed up approximately 150 yards from his stand. After taking the shot, the buck fell, got back up, turned around and ran before falling into a ravine and succumbing to his injury. That time, Theodore said he called his brother and another friend, Garrett Chaney, to help him pull the deer out of the ravine.

“(My brother) said, ‘Man, you got another nice one here,’” Theodore said.

Theodore insists that Robert doesn’t mind him taking big bucks on his land, but Theodore said he hopes Robert has as much luck as him in the future.

“He just says, ‘You’re the luckiest (darn) fellow,’ but he’s happy for me,” Theodore said.