Hunters for the Hungry hosting food drive next Saturday

Published 12:03 am Sunday, September 20, 2015

NATCHEZ — Judith Campbell Jones is hoping to fill some local freezers by helping people clean out their own.

Hunters for the Hungry will host a “clean out your freezer” day Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Sports Center in Natchez.

“Hunters for the Hungry takes donated wild game and donates it to local charities,” Jones said. “My parents had read about Hunters for the Hungry and wanted to start it here. They started one in Louisiana and Mississippi in the Baton Rouge and Natchez areas to try and get local hunters to donate game.”

Jones said the timing of this food drive couldn’t be better for hunters.

“With it being right at the start of hunting season, hunters and fisherman have a great chance to clean out their freezer, making room for more meat,” Jones said.

Jones said on top of being convenient for hunters, she recently learned the service would fulfill a major need.

“A friend of mine recently took over the Stewpot and when I called her to tell her about bringing meat, she said they were completely out,” Jones said. “It sent me into a panic, and this drive couldn’t come at a better time.”

Not only will food being going towards the Stewpot, Jones said other local charities will benefit as well, such as the Natchez Children’s Home and the battered women and children’s home.

Jones said the process is simple, and all the hunter has to do is bring in the meat.

“We’ve got ice chests and will transfer the meat and disperse all of it,” Jones said.

While the drive is still somewhat young in Natchez, Jones said Baton Rouge has gotten behind it and brought in a lot of meat.

“My parents had something like 10,000 pounds of meat and the Baton Rouge food bank brought a big food truck to load it all at LSU stadium,” she said.

Jones said she is also still looking for volunteers to help with the drive in Natchez.

“If anyone wants to volunteer, feel free to show up and help,” she said.

For more information on the drive or Hunters for the Hungry, contact Jones at 601-870-1071.