High school quarterback takes to hunting during free time

Published 12:05 am Sunday, November 8, 2015


NATCHEZ — When Carlos Woods isn’t scanning defenses on a football field as a quarterback, he is busy at work in the woods, keeping a keen eye on everything in front of him.

The Adams County Christian School senior said he belongs in the woods, a place that is another home to him, just like the football field.

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“Being outdoors is in my blood,” Woods said. “My brother, friends, dad and stepdad all went hunting so I got into it and have been doing it for a while.”

Woods compared his hunting experience to his time at playing quarterback, a time where accuracy was everything.

“The bullet is like the football,” he said. “The bullet has to be right there like every pass you throw. You have to zip it in there. You have to hit the target in both situations.”

Hitting the target has been easy for Woods, especially outside.

“The best thing I’ve gotten was an eight-point buck around October of last year,” he said. “It is a good feeling because that is what you’ve been out there for for all those hours and when you are finally able to get it, it feels good.”

Woods said he has also been able to dabble in more than just deer hunting.

“I’ve gone squirrel, coon, fox, all of that,” he said.

But a certain one sticks out.

“Hog hunting is the best,” Woods said. “The dogs go in and catch them, and I’ll be right there next to the hog stabbing it. That is pretty fun. But you have to watch out now, those tusks will get you.”

Ultimately, Woods said his love for hunting and desire to continue boils down to the greatest common denominator between the sport and football — accuracy.

“I love going out there and shooting and seeing how my aim is,” he said. “Just like on the football field.”