You are invited to share ideas of future

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, July 4, 2017

F.O.R. (Friends of the Riverfront) Natchez has succeeded in a two-fold goal—preserving the public ownership of the riverfront and creating an awareness of this unique national gem.  Recognizing the value of this gem, the Community Alliance initiated an effort for both function and beauty.  The Natchez Trails Project, funded through the efforts of the Community Alliance, was the impetus for the involvement of other groups and individuals who embraced the project enthusiastically.

Today the riverfront area sits like a multi-faceted jewel on the high bluff overlooking the Mighty Mississippi.  The fountain (installed by the local Rotary Club years ago) bubbles quietly amid a circular bed of pink roses complemented by new brick work.   The familiar bandstand,  renovated with an attractive hexagonal plaque listing donors and enhanced by a variety of native plants, stands proudly to acknowledge the past and salute the future.

The imprint of the Natchez Tricentennial — the long avenue of Natchez white crepe myrtles along the new sidewalk and re-surfaced street on Broadway — alerts motorists to slow down and admire the scenery.

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Lush hanging baskets in a myriad of colors and floral varieties hang gracefully from new lamp posts along the south end of Broadway Street.  Tall magnolia trees with large white blossoms and crepe myrtles dressed in white, pink and lavender add height and color to the large expanse of green grass.

This unique gem attracts tourists and residents to pursue the simple pleasures of walking, running, cycling or enjoying nature.  Through the collaborative efforts of private citizens and community organizations, the riverfront has earned the monikers coined by F.O.R. Natchez — the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls of Natchez!

As present becomes past and future becomes present, the time is here for the next phase of F.O.R. Natchez — the development of a plan for the downtown area from the riverfront  on Broadway Street to the triangle off Martin Luther King Street.  The plan will evolve from the input of local citizens who attend the public meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Natchez Convention Center.  F.O.R. Natchez invites everyone to share ideas and expectations for the plan. The future success of F.O.R. Natchez depends on the responses of the  town’s interested citizens  who have always risen to new challenges and opportunities.


Mary Eidt is a local resident and supporter of F.O.R. Natchez.