School board members should be elected

Published 12:47 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Natchez-Adams School Board members should be elected rather than appointed and that key change now rests in the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Once upon a time most local people agreed with the argument that having appointed school board members made more logical sense than merely electing them.

And that logic is sound, but only with the assumption that good, logical and experienced people would agree to serve. It also assumes the two governing authorities tasked with appointing school board members would select school board members solely on their qualifications, not letting politics and personality enter into the picture.

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Sadly, over the last decade, neither of those assumptions has rung true. As a result, the school board has become an entity that at times seems at odds with the public it represents. It has become partisan and divisive at times, making decisions directly counter to the will of the people, particularly with regard to the district’s building plans.

As a result, we now believe that electing school board members, while not perfect, should be better than the current system.

We urge our House representatives to work to pass this Senate Bill 2003 and urge the governor into signing it into law.

Improving our schools — and the public’s belief in those who lead the district — is critical to our community’s future. This change could be a good, next step on that journey.