Sharing information crucial to security

Published 12:12 am Saturday, August 22, 2020

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Two recent incidents in Adams County brought to light the importance of sharing information.

First, on Tuesday, a resident shared a letter received in the mail with Adams County Chancery Clerk Brandi Lewis.

The letter appeared to be an official document sent from the “Benefits Suspension Unit, Adams County, Public Judgment Records.”

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Inside envelope, the letter contains intimidating language and states the recipient owes a large amount in back taxes. It claims the recipient’s wages could be garnished and Social Security payments could be suspended if they fail to pay the high price by a short deadline.

Then the letter provides a telephone number to call.

Obviously, the letter is a scam and Lewis and Adams County Board of Supervisors Attorney Scott Slover contacted The Natchez Democrat quickly to help warn people of the scam.

If you receive such a letter throw it in the trash and whatever you do, do not call the number. The scam is an attempt to get recipients to call and divulge personal information.

Please warn your friends and family members of the scam.

On another matter of transparency, Adams County Sheriff’s officials warned residents last week not to leave valuables in their vehicles and to lock their vehicle doors after a spate of vehicle burglaries in the Broadmoor Subdivision on Tuesday night.

Good advice on both counts. Thanks for the heads up, Adams County officials.